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18 Montague Lane, Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel (353 1) 4783364 Fax (353 1) 4783971

Colour Copies - Digital Printing

Whether your originals are charts, photographs, pictures or drawings, Banaman can reproduce it in full color.  Our Canon Laser Color Copier has many document enhancing capabilities such as 400% enlargement, image repeat, & poster output.  We can even print your document directly from a computer file.

We also offer full-color poster printing from 3 x 5" to 22 x 36" on glossy and matte stocks.   With a fast one-day turnaround, banner printing is an economical method to create noticeable images.  Draw attention to your event or department with vivid colors.

For the best possible images, format your program in Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop, or any BMP, Tiff, EPS, PDF format.   The software packages we mainly use are:Corel Draw. Photoshop, Microsoft Word - Powerpoint-Access - Excel - Publisher 2000, Lotus and of course web pages (html).   Call 478 3364 with your formatting and pricing questions.

Whether your artwork is produced on a digital camera, scanner, laptop, sketchpad etc., we can provide a highly profesional digital copying and printing from disk service to you.

Along with standard size copying, we can blow up your original to A2, A1 any size up to about 20 foot long!
If needed it can be laminated in plastic to make it waterproof.