Welcome to our Recycled / Eco Friendly section offering you the alternative option of branding your logo on standard promotional items, that were produced from recycled material, or through a 'Green' environmental / production process.

Almost ALL promotional items, including Pens, Clothing, Bags etc. now have a 'Green' alternative.   If your campaign is geared towards a green or eco-friendly theme, we now have an ever increasing range for you.   If you have a particular product, that we haven't covered in our brochure, just give us a call.

Printed Promotional Products

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Tel (353 1) 4783364 Fax (353 1) 4783971

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Forest Friendly Timber Pens and Pencils • Recycled Paper and Desk accessories • Clothing • Bags for Life • Recycled Plastic Promotional Items • and so much more...

Recycled / Eco Friendly